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Young Starz Nola

We Dream & We Believe

Young Starz of Nola is an alternative performing arts nonprofit organization with a priority and commitment to create an inclusive environment that develops young artists within New Orleans; we strive to engage, inspire, and entertain in excellence.

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Our Objective

Young Starz is an organization that provides multi-faceted, high-quality performing arts programs to the youth of New Orleans. We seek to create an all-inclusive, comprehensive art curriculum and programming to inner-city youth; we engage in rigorous and passionate artist development classes while fostering character, integrity and individuality in each of our “starz.” We strive to work on self-improvement by developing greater self-awareness, confidence, and expressivity. We seek to become more educated and appreciative of various cultures, musical genres, and artistic means of expression.

Our Values

  • Equity- We believe in social justice; we believe that everyone deserves a fair and equitable opportunity to be seen, heard, and valued.

  • Unity- We believe in creating a community and family-like atmosphere that is all inclusive of all artists. (with & without exceptionalities & disabilities)

  • Passion- We believe in passion and love for the arts; we seek to find joy and freedom in expressing ourselves.

  • Character- We believe in personal and artist integrity; we believe in the power of individuality. 

  • Accountability- We believe in holding ourselves accountable to our beliefs, thoughts and actions. We believe accountability yields responsibility, ownership, and clarity of our selves and our passions

  • .Discipline- We believe in the power of hard work, practice, and preparation. We believe in maintaining a professional environment through timeliness, attire, dedication, mindsets, and social interactions.  


Goals of our Program:

  • To change the narrative of New Orleans youth, so they may see themselves as the transcending and innovative artists of today.

  • To create a liberating experience where young people of diverse backgrounds can express themselves without limitations.

  • To create generational wealth and future entrepreneurs by educating young artists on financial literacy, brand development, and marketing strategies.

  •  To create a safe space for young artists that prioritizes their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health and needs.


Achievements & Appearences

  • 2015- Founded

  • 2015-present- presented three annual concerts (Black History, Summer Concert & Holiday Concert)

  • 2015-2016- performed at Beacon Light’s Christmas Concert

  • 2016- “I Am” Summer Concert at Dillard University

  • 2016-present- Teen Open Mic Series “Do You Be You” at the New Orleans Jazz Market

  • 2017- “A Starry Tale” Summer Concert Marigny Opera House.

  • 2017-2019- Christmas Concert Felicity Church

  • 2018- “Years & Years of Music” at the Contemporary Arts Center

  • 2018- Partnership with House of Blues “Music Forward”

  • 2018- Partnership with ‘Notes for Notes”

  • 2018- Artist Development Workshop Concert at the House of Blues Parish Room

  • 2019- Performance at the New Orleans French Quarter Festival

  • 2019- Performance at the House of Blues “Bringing Down   the House”

  • 2019- Starz on Broadway event

  • 2020- Appearance on Television Show “NCIS”

  • 2020- Black History Show “Arts Klub”

  • 2020- “Star Fest” Drive-Up Concert

  • 2021- "Starz the Musical"

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