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Young Starz Nola

We Dream & We Believe

Young Starz of Nola is an alternative performing arts nonprofit organization with a priority and commitment to create an inclusive environment that develops young artists within New Orleans; we strive to engage, inspire, and entertain in excellence.

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Our Objective

Young Starz is an organization that provides multi-faceted, high-quality performing arts programs to the youth of New Orleans. We seek to create an all-inclusive, comprehensive art curriculum and programming to inner-city youth; we engage in rigorous and passionate artist development classes while fostering character, integrity and individuality in each of our “starz.” We strive to work on self-improvement by developing greater self-awareness, confidence, and expressivity. We seek to become more educated and appreciative of various cultures, musical genres, and artistic means of expression.

Our Values

  • Equity- We believe in social justice; we believe that everyone deserves a fair and equitable opportunity to be seen, heard, and valued.

  • Unity- We believe in creating a community and family-like atmosphere that is all inclusive of all artists. (with & without exceptionalities & disabilities)

  • Passion- We believe in passion and love for the arts; we seek to find joy and freedom in expressing ourselves.

  • Character- We believe in personal and artist integrity; we believe in the power of individuality. 

  • Accountability- We believe in holding ourselves accountable to our beliefs, thoughts and actions. We believe accountability yields responsibility, ownership, and clarity of our selves and our passions

  • .Discipline- We believe in the power of hard work, practice, and preparation. We believe in maintaining a professional environment through timeliness, attire, dedication, mindsets, and social interactions.  

Goals of our Program:

  1. To change the narrative of New Orleans youth, so they may see themselves as the transcending and innovative artists of today.

  2. To create a liberating experience where young people of diverse backgrounds can express themselves without limitations.

  3. To create generational wealth and future entrepreneurs by educating young artists on financial literacy, brand development, and marketing strategies.

  4.  To create a safe space for young artists that prioritizes they’re mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health and needs.


Achievements & Appearences

  • 2015- Founded

  • 2015-present- presented three annual concerts (Black History, Summer Concert & Holiday Concert)

  • 2015-2016- performed at Beacon Light’s Christmas Concert

  • 2016- “I Am” Summer Concert at Dillard University

  • 2016-present- Teen Open Mic Series “Do You Be You” at the New Orleans Jazz Market

  • 2017- “A Starry Tale” Summer Concert Marigny Opera House.

  • 2017-2019- Christmas Concert Felicity Church

  • 2018- “Years & Years of Music” at the Contemporary Arts Center

  • 2018- Partnership with House of Blues “Music Forward”

  • 2018- Partnership with ‘Notes for Notes”

  • 2018- Artist Development Workshop Concert at the House of Blues Parish Room

  • 2019- Performance at the New Orleans French Quarter Festival

  • 2019- Performance at the House of Blues “Bringing Down   the House”

  • 2019- Starz on Broadway event

  • 2020- Appearance on Television Show “NCIS”

  • 2020- Black History Show “Arts Klub”

  • 2020- “Star Fest” Drive-Up Concert

  • 2021- "Starz the Musical"

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