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Raion Ramsey

President & Vocal Director

Raion Ramsey

Born in New Orleans, Raion Ramsey’s life has been a living embodiment of music, art and soul. The daughter of Donald and Rhea Ramsey, Raion literally had music embedded in her bones from birth. As her mother put it, “she was singing before she could walk and talk”. Her love and passion for music was evident as she joined Val & The Love Alive community choir at the age of two and stayed until she was fifteen. It was during these years that Raion’s gift and ear for music would develop into something phenomenal. Throughout this time period in her life, Raion attended schools in New Orleans until relocating to Arlington, Texas due to Hurricane Katrina, where she graduated from Mansfield Timberview High School. While in Texas, Raion was a part of the Honors Choir, Show Choir and also sung in the gospel group J. Wright & Promise.

Despite the challenges that came with relocating after such a traumatic natural disaster, Raion’s purpose and connection to New Orleans would come full circle as she returned and attended Dillard University. Returning to New Orleans to be both an artist and student would present many obstacles, however, Raion debuted her artistry in the year of 2009 at Sweet Lorraines Jazz Club. She sung background for various artists such as Trombone Shorty, Erica Falls, & the R&B Divas, Ledisi, Patrice Rushing & more. She also performed on bigger musical platforms & stages such as Essence Festival, Jazz Fest, as well as concerts in Australia & Russia. Moving back to New Orleans would prove to be a true act of destiny as Raion received her BA in Vocal Performance from Dillard University in 2013. While attending Dillard University she was a proud member of Concert Choir (D.U.C.C).

After graduating Raion worked with several organizations & schools, such as Prism Project Performing Arts (performing arts for kids with disabilities), the Deborah Morton Arts Camp and Lafayette Academy. She left her mark at all three organizations by composing the school and both organizations theme song that’s still sung to this very day. Raion’s gift and talent for music would continue to thrive and make room for her as she eventually started her own performing arts organization. In 2015, Raion became the founder of Young Starz of NOLA; an all-inclusive alternative vocal performance company with a priority and commitment to develop artists with and without disabilities within the New Orleans area, that engage, inspire and entertain in musical excellence.  Young Starz has afforded young artist in the surrounding areas to express their talents through their annual concerts & community outreach platforms such as “Do you Be you” , an open mic platform where teens are safe and uncensored.  It allows teen poets, spoken word artist, emcees, activists, and scholars to share their powerful and important voice and message liberally, also community partnerships with House of Blues Moving Forward, Dancing grounds, and just recently in 2020 right before the pandemic an opportunity to sing & appear on Ncis New Orleans. 

Lastly, Raion loves to work with children who face challenges such as Autism, ADHD and other exceptionalities. Raion's life experiences and educational background have well prepared her to save the world one note at a time while also impacting the lives of numerous kids who look up to her. “No child left behind”, is one of her mottos, at Young STARZ we believe “Turning dreams into reality”.

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